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Artist's statement:

The series of mothman pinnups dates back to 2020. It is a collection of tasteful depictions of the monstrous cryptid titled “the mothman” as an attractive male pinnup. It started as a humorous jest at the way recent media has started to glamorizing queer-ness. In the same way big box businesses profit off of ‘pride month’, Vivi found irony in the way that main-stream media had begun to depict queer minorities. There was something weird about how precise and clean-cut the "gay narrative" was on television and in mainstream media. It is very often a dramatized sob story that will attract pity from the viewer, or some flamboyant over the top personality who's sexuality is apparent enough to make you feel attracted to them without making any viewer uncomfortable.

"It's a bite sized sampling of queer-ness that's easily digestible for the public."

In the same way West Virginia's 1966's cryptid of the "mothman" has recently been widely accepted as a fun character from 'spooky history'. Once a scary half moth, half man creature that terrorized the night, now a quirky clean cut attractive narrative. Now Vivi draws many moth folk pinnups for fun and for the humor of it all.

Why shouldn't there be a sexy interpretation of a 1960s monster of the night?

"Lamp watch"
"Haw Yee?"
"I did not believe my eyes"
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